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I'm tying up some loose ends on the blog this week in preparation for all the wondrous things I have planned for 2012.  Maybe all the eggnog I drank over the weekend is finally getting to my head (just kidding, eggnog is gross) and maybe I'll totally fizzle out when the clock strikes midnight on Saturday, but today I'm riding the motivation wave, so if you dare to join me, here we go...

I thought it would be fun to recap what we've been up to over the last few months by revisiting our Fall "To Do" list that I posted here on 9-13-11.  I mainly focused my list on improving the first floor of our house and if you've been following this blog, you'll know that I've barely mentioned the second floor since I started blogging again over the summer.  That is because aside from changing some bedding every once in a while and tacking up some mis-matched curtains, I've done absolutely nothing on the second floor.  I have four lonely neglected bedrooms that don't know what's going to hit them come 2012.  Just you wait for all the fun to begin...

So let's talk about what we did do over the last 3-4 months.

Living Room: I'm happy to say that the living room is as done as it's going to be for now.  The room is painted and the hutch was purchased, painted, and put into place (here). A coffee table was acquired for free and a marble table with my two favorite chairs replaced a love seat taking too much attention away from the bay windows (a final post of all the details can be found here). Finally, a bookcase was purchased, spiced up with some wrapping paper, and decorated with all my favorite things here.
Find a paint color for the living room
Start painting living room
Purchase/find a corner media console for TV and electronics and UGLY chords
Finish painting the bay window area of the room
Take town curtains, iron, re-hang (after painting)
Find a coffee table
Paint Hutch, add knobs, and transfer to living room
Assemble IKEA bookcase and determine a good place for it. Line the back of the bookcase with wallpaper or decorative fabric
Select some wall art or photos or mount Lenox chirp plates

Kitchen: The kitchen got a light makeover but is still on my radar for 2012.  I mostly improved our storage situation by adding an IKEA Expedit bookcase-turned-sideboard and a plate rack given to me by Erica and Beth. 
I also added some baseboard here under the dishwasher,
Ryan added a track light, and we re-organized our cabinet space.  We haven't had an electrician come in yet but we plan to do this once we figure out what we need.  I also still have to complete my curtain project which is half-finished and waiting for me to figure out how to sew.
Buy some storage furniture at IKEA to store and display plates, bowls, vases, etc.
Look into finding or buying a cute plate rack/shelf to display my collection of plates and mugs
Take off depressing ceiling lamp and replace with a track light.
• Research good electricians in the area and see if we can install a second light fixture in the kitchen (among a host of other electrical needs).
• Find some window curtains for the kitchen window in a light, cheerful pattern.
Push dishwasher into place and finish with a wood baseboard to match the cabinet baseboard.
Organize cabinets
• Do something fun with chalkboard paint on one section of the wall

Dining Room: Although the dining room is far from being complete, it wins the prize for most versatile this season since we transformed it to fit eight people for Thanksgiving dinner last month and opened up the space this month for our Christmas tree and Christmas party of 20 people.  I'm still on the fence about our table situation.  I was strongly leaning towards getting a round pedestal table, then toyed with the idea of getting a larger rectangle table, and now I have no idea what I want.  I'm hoping, like the hutch, that the perfect table will find me during the months to come.  For now we have a suitable kitchen table and three card tables that we picked up for Thanksgiving if we need the additional eating space.  We did spruce up the space with thick textured curtains and a wool rug here.  More tales of the dining room story will be sure to come in 2012.
• Find/purchase a round table for the center of the room
• Sew a seat cushion for the window seat
Consider wintry curtains for more coverage and protection from the draft
Remove final remnants of wedding paraphernalia that is sitting on the floor without a home
• Reorganize furniture to create both a dining and seating area in the room
Find a better light bulb for the pendant light
Find a rug (possibly round?) that matches the color scheme
Hang wall art/photos/maps on the wall

Aside from that, we also took some time out to celebrate the holidays with our friends and family such as Halloween (see our DIY costumes here), Thanksgiving (see the recap here), and Christmas.

In addition, I spent a lot of time in November focusing on being thankful as I posted a new 30 Days of Thanks page, and this month I focused on spending quality time with Ryan as we worked through a 25 Days of Christmas Activity Calendar.
Whew!  I think that's enough for this post.  I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of the foyer - yes, we finally picked a color - along with some 2012 foreshadowing.  I know, I know, I'm not going to get any sleep tonight either...

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